Apr. 6th, 2008

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*I'm now a Notary Public for the State of Massachusetts- I'll be going down sometime within the next couple months to be sworn in. I have three months to do it.

*I cleaned my room this morning, and it looks sooo much better. I even vacuumed with the carpet stuff so now it smells like "Fresh Linen" Now I need to get some stuff on the walls.

*Did two loads of laundry, the first one is already done and hanging up in my closet, and the second is towels and sweatshirts is in the dryer now. Should be done by the time I finish this entry.

*Haven't left the apartment all weekend, but that's ok because my migraines have been horrible! Even with the new medicine that the doc has me taking, its still not really helping. (it's Flexeril, a muscle relaxer that I take at night. I also take two other meds that are supposed to be "preventative")

*Sleep study is scheduled for the 24th. Got the info that I have to fill out and mail back, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous! No word back on the MRI, but since I have a $150 co-pay for that, (ugh!) I'm not in a rush to have it done.

*Planning on hanging around the apartment today, and now I'm off to tackle the casserole dishes in the sink! (and watching another marathon of ANTM, like I haven't seen them all a MILLION times!)

*Happy Sunday! I hope everyone enjoys their last day of the weekend!

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention that I'm planning on going back to school in the fall, I got into Northeastern University and I'll be majoring in Health Management. It's bugging me that I haven't finished my degree and I'm totally determined to do it! I'm just waiting to hear back on my financial aid!


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