Jan. 24th, 2006 03:05 pm
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Well, today I had my first class, Anatomy and Physiology. Oh. My. God. I took A&P in HS, which was only 2 years ago, (yes I'm rubbing it in my sisters faces :-p), and I did really well in it, and I retained what I thought was a lot of information. My brain feels like mush and we have a quiz on Tuesday, and we're doing 2 chapters a week. Now I know that taking science lab classes is not like taking an English class, I have to work on A&P every day it seems. To make matters worse, I have the same professor for Microbiology and that makes me scared, because I have NO backround in that, unless I actually remember something from HS and College Bio. Also, a class that I didn't think was a big deal, my Life Span Psych class, taught, a lot of reading to do. The professor who I've had before is awesome, but I took the online class so I wouldn't have to sit in his lecture class for 3 hours on a Friday, I don't think I can sit still that long, really. THAT makes me wonder if I have aduld ADHD. My boss at the bookstore has mentioned that she thinks I have it, and my co-workers have made jokes about it, but I'm wondering if its serious. I've never had issues before, but now I feel sooo scatterbrained. Thats really my only symptom, then again, I don't know a lot about adult ADHD. When I hear ADHD, of course like most people I think of hyper kids who have a hard time focusing, like my step-nephew and my boss's kid, but could I be an adult like that, minus the hyperness? Ugh I'm so confused, and tired. I'm working at the bookstore every morning from 7am, till whenever my classes start for the day, meaning I have to get up at five-ish to leave around 6ish. I can't believe how much A&P hw I already have and I'm scared of my nurtrition class tomorrow, I hope I can manage. Then on Thursday I have Microbiology and my A&P lab. In other news, Market Basket sucks..I'll discuss that further later, but I've gotten a major cut back in my hours and I need to find another job. So much going on right now..arg! Must nap now, or I will lose my saninity.


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