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Hey everyone,

I need some advice. As you all know I've been struggling with the pain from my wrist ailment. I've been given a script for Vicodin and I took one around noon and now, 2 and a half hours later I still feel funny.

I feel kinda dizzy/lightheaded, nauseous, sleepy, and of all things depressed. I don't feel like myself at all, and I slept for 2 hours after taking a pill. I don't like this feeling, although it does help with the pain. Alas, I can't take this at work or if I'm going to be driving, but the pain is actually controlled for now.

Now for the question. If any of you have been on Vicodin, how does did it make you feel? I'm wondering if this is normal, all that I'm feeling.

Thank you for your help. (x-posted to [ profile] lambda_iota_nu)
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I had this entry all typed out yesterday, and it was long, and of course the computer locked up and I lost the entry!

Anyway, I'm going to try and remember everything I had in the entry. I'm wicked tired thanks to my mom arranging for some guy from the gas company to come and fix our downstairs heater, and the time of arrival that they gave her was between 8am to 4pm. I hate when big companies do that to you, you have to wait around alll day just because they can make you. Anyway, I woke up at 7, thought about a shower, said screw it, and went back to bed until 7:55.

The results of my MRI came back and they didn't see anything serious..but they want to do another one, this time with contrast, and I'm just tired of not knowing what is wrong, tired of wearing this brace thing and tired of the way the painkillers make me feel. I got a script for Vicodin yesterday, and I haven't tried to take it yet. Not sure what the side effects are going to be from it. I have an appt with a hand/wrist surgeon on Wed, and we'll see how that goes.

I signed up for classes on Monday, and I got everything I wanted, just not sure if I can afford to keep the psych class, since my bill was more than I thought it was going to be.

Anatomy and Physiology 4 crdts
Microbiology 4 crdts
Nutrition 3 crdts
Life Span Psych 3crdts

So anyway, thats all for now, and I am soooo tired and I can't wait to get this guy out of here, he ended up coming at 9:30am, and he's still here!

I'm going to do nothing today and stay in my pj's all day. :) Everyone else, enjoy your day!
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T-Minus 1 hour until I go into the big ole tube, for an MRI on my wrist. For some odd reason I'm scared. My mom has told me countless times that its no big deal, she's had one, tons of people have. I used to be a Radiology Tech major so I know what to expect as far as sounds go and such. I hope they give me headphones. The other thing, I hope I'm not in there long, I had a hard time lying still for a CT Scan of my head once I can't imagine an MRI. I'm still scared. Hold me. :( I'll do an update when I get home.


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