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Today I went to Rosh Hashana services, and it was my first time going, believe it or not. My mom and I have never gone together, and she just rejoined a synagogue this past year after marrying my step dad, who is also Jewish. I was never raised knowing much about my religion, because my dad was catholic and didn't want me to, but now I think its really cool. Even though my Hebrew sucks, but thats why they make the books in half hebrew and half english, so people like me can follow along. Its a BEAUTIFUL synagogue, If I can take pictures I will, and because of today I want to go to services on Fri nights or Sat mornings and I can't wait for Yom Kippur, but for that holiday, I gotta fast from sundown Wed to sundown Thurs. If you didn't know, Jewish holidays start at sundown the day before the holiday. I feel all giddly about my day today, I learned so much!

Yesterday, I set up a meeting with the woman in charge of training people to be Rape Crisis Counselors. I saw an ad in my local paper saying that there was a severe shortage and that free training was being offered, so I decided to do it, and I'm looking forward for that to start, even it means taking off 2 nights a week, which my boss will hate. But, if she says anything I'm calling my supervisor because I will not back down from this opportunity to make a difference. I will be based out of Milford Hospital, and will consantly be on call there, contacted via beeper, (the hospital only gets 9-12 rape cases a year) and will man the hotline's 4 hours a week, one overnight shift a week. I'm excited to start this as well, its a great way to help women in their greatest time of need. I'm meeting with the trainer on Thursday morning, so unfortunately I can't go visit [ profile] saxmansean at his college.

I hope everyone else had a good day. :)


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