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..when you're nursing a broken heart.

So Jeff broke up with me over Thanksgiving. It's been very hard and with the help of therapy I've finally started to feel human again.

The week before X-Mas I was laid off from Questex, however I now work for a Government contractor in Burlington, about a half hour from me. I handle AP, AR and Payroll amongst other things. It's actually quite interesting, however I hate not being able to talk about my job! Working there isn't a typical office environment, its something completely different- a job that you have to really, truly watch every little thing you do, and make sure it's perfect or there are some serious repercussions. The job isn't actually hard- its just working with certain people that make it hard.

Currently I'm not even working because I was just diagnosed with Mono. Some of you may remember I had it back in 2002, but sure enough its back. It's not as bad as the first time but the exhaustion is sometimes hard to deal with. I do not know when I'll be returning and I just completed the paperwork for short term disability. So hopefully I'll be back on my feet soon- but the doctors won't let me return to work for awhile.

Still in Watertown, with the same roommate.

I wanted you all to know that I still read my Flist several times a day, like I know that Bren got a new pink laptop. (and give Loki a kiss for me!)

I've had a hard time trying to write everything down and I'm still not there yet, but know that I am infact here, and reading everyday. I will write more when I can, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon!

I love you all and thanks for all your support while I'm finding myself again. I've never really been single since I was 16- so its a whole new world to me.


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I noticed that someone actually made a post in a community that I'm in wondering if I was ok, so I figured it was high-time to update about me. I've been around, I read everyday, I've kept up on everything, I've just been lurking in the shadows.

Honestly, nothing exciting has happened to be over here in Mass. I've changed majors yet again, I'm going for Medical Administration/Coding, while I'm back on the waiting list for my Nursing program. I managed to talk my college into giving me another shot at my major, except I ended back on the waiting list, the mile-long waiting list. Of course I haven't heard anything yet this summer, so I had to pick a major because I have to be enrolled as a full time student to keep my heath insurance through my mom. It is 3 night classes a week, 12 credits first semester, 14 the second, and I'll graduate next year.

As far as work goes, I've had my hours cut back to only 32 a week, since our company got in trouble for its employees working over 40 hrs a week without benefits. That sucks because I used to work like 50 hours a week, no questions asked. Because of the hours cut-back I'm having a hard time coming up with the money for school, I need to come up with $1000 by Aug 1st, and I actually wrote a letter today to my father in Australia asking him to send me $$. He owes me somewhere around $80,000 in child support, and he has to pay till I'm 23, so he's still racking it up as we speak. He hasn't paid since I was 14, and when we went after him when I was 16, he didn't show up for his court date, so there isn't anything they can do, they can't physically drag him back from Australia and make him pay, so I'm begging him for help with college.

And the dating scene...well, you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince..and I had Jeff again for awhile, but he broke up with me in April. Its too bad too, because I worked so hard on the relationship the second time around, making sure that it was different hoping that it would work..but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I had hoped that we could have been friends, but he didn't want that either, and I have to respect his wishes, because I do respect him still, and deep down I think I will always care, because I care about everyone, even if they don't care about me.

Mix in this school money crisis with an already kind of sad Cindy and you get a really confused adult.


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