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Is there anyone still out there in LJ land? I do still read my friend's list, even if its dwindled down significantly. I know when Facebook came out things started to taper down, and recently I've heard something about LJ being sold to a Russian company? So I'm not quite sure how that affects LJ, so I'm curious if anyone knows anything about that?

There's a few people who have deleted/purged journals that I've been thinking about lately and wondering where they are now?

I also went back and read some of my old posts recently- holy cow I've grown up a lot since 2002!Then again I was 16 years old...but LJ captured a lot of the issues/angst/feelings/stories of me coming into adulthood. I still do not fully feel like adult at 31, but I imagine that'll come with time.

I've now been married for about a year and a half, jumped around to different jobs a little, adopted a dog and have started house hunting. Life has become a lot more mundane, but I figure that is what happens as an adult.

So what is new with all of you? I know I'm friend's with a few people on Facebook but there are still a lot out there that I am not.

I even updated my userpic to a picture that's is a year old. I think I still look the same as I did when I was 22. ;)


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