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So the last time I posted was almost exactly 6 months ago, to the day. I was in shock and horrifed by the Boston Marathon bombings, and thinking back to that frighting week brings back many memories.

So where am I now? (sorry in advance for the lack of cut, my LJ skills are lacking)

-I've been working in health care now since 2009, and have been working for United Health Care since November of last year. I cannot believe almost a year has gone by, time really does fly as you get older.

-Speaking of older, just celebrated my 28th birthday this past weekend surrounded by friends and the love of my life. (seriously, for real and it's not Jeff)

-Five months ago I met Wayne, and I haven't been the same since. I know everyone here on LJ has seen my ups and down through the craziness of love and relationships, but I think I finally met my match and I don't indend on letting him go. He's turned my world upside down in the best way possible

-I've been living in Somerville for the past couple of years and love the area. Living with roommates but I'm hoping to move out sometime next year on my own. I still cannot get over the rent prices in my area, it's bonkers. However, I work somewhat in the area as well so I would like to try to stay put.

-Met all my awesome Boston friends through Social Boston Sports; their intermural leauges and parties. I'm captain of a bowling team, yo.

-Been through many ups and downs with my family in PA/NJ, my mom and step-father's health the last few years, especially with their health the last 3. Thankfully, they are both well now and the homefront has quieted down.

-February 2014 will mark my 12 year anniversary on LJ. Craziness. Reading the old entries from when I was still in HS is a life lesson within itself.

-I still find my life boring so I don't know if I can be someone who journals frequently, but I do read livejournal at least once a week to see what is going on out there.

-I would like to take Bren up on the October journaling challenge. I think it would provide a different kind of update besides a regular journal entry. I'll look into it this week and see if I can catch up.

-Finally I should post a recent picture on here, the current one is circa 2007.
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