Part II

May. 29th, 2010 04:21 am
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Ok, lets try this again shall we?

Thanks to my wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) pain meds, I've been keeping a very odd schedule of sleeping during the day and night. Unfortunately the pain is still so bad that I have to keep taking them every 4 hours, so this doesn't allow me much sleepy time. I'm really ready to give the constant pain a break, but what can you do- I went through 2 surgeries in one day, and its only post-op day 4.

So, like I said I had my tonsils removed and my deviated septum fixed this past Tuesday. I don't remember a lot of my time in the hospital, but maybe thats not a bad thing. I did spend the night in the hospital after surgery for observation. From what I do remember, it was a really rough night as I was woken up every couple of hours by someone wanting to take my vitals, rounding residents, med time, etc. I remember being very thankful to leave, and have been spending the past few days at my mom's recovering and resting. I don't think I will be heading home before my post-op exam with the surgeon on Wednesday, hoping to return to work on Thursday.

The whole experience can be summed up as "ow". I'd been told that I would have the worst sore throat of my life, but I hadn't expected it to feel like this. I have to constantly drink fluids to keep my throat moist, and if I don't the pain is unbelievable. Of course the little sleep I do get here and there, I end up waking up in pain because I'm not quite breathing through my nose yet- so my mouth stays open when I sleep. I'm working on that.

But I keep telling myself that this pain is worth it- the ability to sleep through the night, to breathe better and to finally feel rested. I do admit that the sleep I do get has been pretty deep, as I was such a light sleeper before.

Now for the juicy stuff! I've been seeing someone from eHarmony for the past couple months now. He's a wonderful guy who unfortunately lives 2 hours away in central NH. We don't see each other as often as we'd like but we've had some amazing weekends come out of it. We've spent a weekend in Boston, long weekend at the beach in Gloucester and I spent last weekend at his beautiful home that he just built a few years ago. He's been a huge support system through my surgery, sending flowers, checking up on me, etc. I spoke to him last night but overdid it by taking too long, so I'm paying now in pain. I'll have to give the phone thing a break for another day or two I think.

So that's pretty much it for now, I know this entry isn't the most organized but I knew I was overdue to update. I'm always on facebook, so you can always find me there. :)

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! I'm going to celebrate with my red jello!
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