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Hi All!

I'm getting ready for my first interview with a may be wondering why? Well I was let go from my job at the Government Contractor on Friday. I'm already doing all I can to get another job as I was only given my final paycheck and thats it. I cannot file for unemployment till Friday because my past employer hasn't told the state that I don't work there anymore..*sigh* And when I do finally get signed up for unemployment there is at least an 8 week backup before getting the first check. Soooo...since I have rent to pay I better get my butt in gear!

The actual "letting go" part from the former job was so cold. I had expected more from them, but then again the Government is quite cold. They are very picky as to who they have working for them, they have to be a certain "type" of person- and quite frankly I wasn't as tough as everyone. Just about everyone was former military, or had experience with the Government prior to working for the Contractor. (cannot say the name of the company due to Security reasons)

So I'll chalk it up that it was good experience and even though its a crappy time to be out of work, I'm confident that my skills and awesome charm will prevail- and land me another job, hopefully quickly.

So I will be using this journal to document the progress, stay tuned!


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